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"Special" and Custom Balances

Core Belief Balance

A Core belief is something you assume is true about reality. Your internal dialogue, or Self-Talk, is generated from a deep level by your beliefs and assumptions, both conscious and subconscious. As long as you hold onto your core beliefs, they will hold your body’s informational fields to certain parameters according to how it fits your expectations. The Core Belief Balance procedure is a powerful process for personal change and will help other changes be easier and simpler to make when these basic issues, your core beliefs, are supporting you instead of sabotaging you.

Not only can you hold core beliefs that are negative and detrimental to your life, you can hold opposing core beliefs, creating a conflict in the subconscious mind and hold yourself back from creating the life you want. Some conflicts that people hold within their core are the two beliefs that I want to live...... along with I want to die...... Another common conflict is I can.... beliefs being held at the same time as I can't..... beliefs. Many people have complete switches in some of their core beliefs, believing negative and life-destructive core beliefs rather than the positive and life-enhancing beliefs. As you can imagine, whatever beliefs you are holding at your core can dramatically effect everything else in your life, contributing to depression and many other behavior and emotional issues we'd like to clear up.


Relationship Balance

This is designed to deepen the bond between two people. It can be used for couples, parent/child relationships, friendships, business partner relationships or in any situation where there is a relationship between two people or a group of people and an unresolved issue or situation, or your relationship with the energy of anything else. For instance, you could use this process to balance your relationship to the energy of money, or maybe to an illness you are manifesting.  In just one session this process creates a “whole-brain” state that persists whenever you see, hear, or feel the presence of the other person, "thing" or situation.


Life-Bonding Balance


Specific Goals

You can program the subconscious mind to assist you in reaching your specific goals with a VAK to the Future!!

Do you have a special goal you’d like to accomplish? Has there been something holding you back, but you’re not sure what or why? More than likely you’re holding a subconscious belief that is sabotaging you, keeping you from achieving what it is you'd like to.

To reach our goals and realize our dreams, it is imperative that we eliminate the subconscious blocks that are preventing us from staying the course. Sometimes the subconscious mind just needs some clarification about what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

There is a PSYCH-K process that reduces the stress and inner conflict of the subconscious and strengthens and supports you while you take the important steps to reach your goal.  The VAK process helps you release the thoughts, patterns, and actions preventing you from attaining your goals, and experience the shift in your programming that is appropriate to meet your specific goals. VAK is the acronym we use for Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic (feel). Since the mind is so literal and does not understand abtract concepts, the VAK process helps you use these three senses and Vidualize what you will see in your life when you reach your goal, imagine what you will hear yourself and others saying about you when you have reached your goal, and imagine the way it will "feel" when you have reached your goal, what emotion will you feel. We also do an "ecology check" to make sure that the attainment of your goal will not create other issues in your life that you'd rather not have to contend with, and to modify or make adjustments if there are. We then craft a belief statement specific to the goal you have just clarified with the subconscious mind.





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